... is a FUSE-based file system. You may think of it, as a downloader with the speed of light.

A german proverb states: An example tells more than 1000 words.

Let's go

An unprivileged user seems to download almost instantly more than 3.5 GByte to folder ~/test
	httpfs ~/test

(before mount)

(after mount)

(content of ~/test)

This speed is unbelievable. You may ask, what's the catch?
Right, not the whole ISO was fetched. But you can pretend, it has been:
	mkdir ~/dvd.iso
	sudo mount ~/test/knoppix_dvd_501_stripped.iso ~/dvd.iso -o ro,loop

(content of ~/dvd.iso)

When will this swindle be revealed? Hopefully never. You can go on, browsing the ISO for files, which may be of interest to you. You can open any readme-files without losing your illusion. But of course you can't watch a movie, if you only have an analog modem.